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My journey began at an early age of 2 when I got my first dirtbike. While riding around the house and tearing up football fields I quickly realised that riding was more than a passion for me.Fast forward to age of 20. After competing multiple years in EMX, JWC and ADAC. Gathering experience, riding all over Europe and advancing through the ranks I found myself with a hand injury that forced me to take a step back from racing, but the spark was never gone.After few years being off the grid and realising that I want my future to evolve around motocross I figured out how to put my experience into a good use.After more than a year - countless hours spent organising, testing and improving our FLOW racewear products - are now ready to see the daylight.


There is no doubt that great things take time. So after countless hours of developing, testing, upgrading and organising we at Flow racewear have made a product that we and our customers can be really proud of.Currently we are working to expand our brand, build more exposure and make a smooth customer experience. We take pleasure in our work to make you stand out on the track.Although we still are in early stages and happy with our progress we always keep striving for more.

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As we take our first steps we are also looking ahead on how to become more than just a brand. How to give back to the racing family and how to make everyone feel like they are a part of something unique.We are working on a system that would help to support young talent and ease their transition into the big world of motocross.With time we also hope to develop a training facility available for professional and hobby riders so we all have a good place to shred together and enjoy the good times.

Ultra soft 3 layer foam

Removable nose guard

PC injected lens with full UV protection 

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