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Key Benefits of Flow Motocross Goggle Lenses:

  1. Crystal Clear Vision:

    • High-quality lenses provide riders with clear and distortion-free vision, enhancing their overall riding experience.
    • Addresses the pain point of poor visibility in challenging weather conditions or rough terrains.

  2. Impact Resistance:

    • Lenses made from durable materials are impact-resistant, protecting the rider's eyes from debris, branches, and other hazards.
    • Addresses the safety concern of potential eye injuries during off-road riding.

  3. Anti-Fog Technology:

    • Special coatings and ventilation systems prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision in varying weather conditions.
    • Addresses the discomfort and danger caused by foggy lenses, especially in humid or cold environments.

  4. UV Protection:

    • Provides protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding the rider's eyes from long-term damage.
    • Addresses the risk of eye damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight during outdoor activities.

  5. Scratch Resistance:

    • Scratch-resistant coatings maintain the integrity of the lens, ensuring longevity and optimal visibility.
    • Addresses the issue of easily scratched lenses, common in rough outdoor environments.


  1. Tear-Off Tabs:

    • Built-in tear-off tabs allow riders to quickly remove a layer of the lens in muddy or dusty conditions, ensuring continuous clear vision.

  2. Wide Peripheral Vision:

    • Specially designed lenses provide a wide field of view, enhancing awareness of the rider's surroundings.

  3. Easy Installation:

    • Goggle lenses are designed for easy and quick replacement, allowing riders to adapt to changing conditions effortlessly.

This lens fits with every Future v1 goggle model.

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